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Handling a traffic accident is not always easy. A distinction is made between fault-based and no-fault liability. In the case of minor damage, the repair invoice serves as proof of damage. In the case of greater damage, it is better to consult an expert. If you contributed to the accident, you will only receive a percentage of the damage. Choose the lawyers with the best setup here.

The Person Who Caused The Accident Is Liable

Anyone who causes a traffic accident is also liable for the damage incurred. However, one or the other peculiarity must be observed in traffic law. On the one hand, there is often not just one person who is responsible for everything, but several participants who are somehow to blame for what is happening. An apt lawyer can take care of the whole process. If you were involved in an accident and need legal advice, call Philadelphia Injury Lawyers P.C. and speak with a lawyer today.

On the other hand, there is also a no-fault liability, namely the so-called operational risk. Here you are liable without being guilty. They are liable solely because a moving car is dangerous in it. That is why this liability is also called hazard liability. You are also liable for an accident that occurs due to a technical defect in the power steering of your vehicle. The use of the law firm comes perfectly there.


If you, as the person responsible for the accident, can prove that the accident was inevitable for you, which means that even the safest driver could not have avoided it, liability does not apply the operational risk. You can go for the slip and fall attorney there.

The operational risk also occurs in the background, if another accident participant such a blatant traffic violation commits that it accident virtually alone has to answer. As a driver, you are always liable, especially if weaker road users are involved, such as cyclists or pedestrians. Otherwise only applies if a case of force majeure e.g. natural disasters such as landslides or avalanches or an attack on the vehicle. From the law firms you can now find the best choices.

However, the weaker road user is also partly to blame for. However, children are only liable for their participation in traffic accidents from the age of 10. An 8-year-old child riding a bicycle takes the right of way and collides with your vehicle. Here you are liable for both your own damage and that of the child. The apt attorney happens to be the right choice there.

The only exception to this special liability privilege are deliberate damage, such as stone thrown from motorway bridges or damage in stationary traffic, for example if the child rides his bicycle against your properly parked car. In such cases, the child is liable according to his ability to inspect. The occupants in the vehicle that caused the accident are also entitled to compensation and compensation for damages from the vehicle owner’s liability insurance. The best attorneys are here for your support.

If Several People Involved In The Accident Are Liable

If it is not just a driver who is solely responsible, but if there are several people who caused the accident, the call is made. That applies both towards innocent third parties as well as among each other and also regardless of whether there is real contributory negligence if, for example, the car was parked in a confusing curve or only the operational risk is taken into account e.g. if the driver passed out due to a heart attack. The personal attorney is the essential person in this.

  • As a victim with complicity, you will only receive a percentage of your damage in such a situation. The part corresponding to your contributory negligence will be deducted. Conversely, your insurance company bears the damage to your opponent in the amount of your percentage share of the total debt.
  • The damage rate does not have to be determined if the accident is an inevitable event for one of the participants. This refers to the cases in which even an exemplary driver could not have prevented the accident.
  • They skid on an undetectable oil trail, forcing another driver to brake. If the person behind him does not observe the necessary safety distance and opens it, he is solely responsible and the risk of the other vehicle no longer playing a role. The best legal help is underway there.
  • Operating risk Even if the person causing the accident has not committed a traffic violation, it may be the case in individual cases that the operational risk from his vehicle is so significant that it leads to a corresponding deduction.
  • As a driver, you have to behave like an ideal driver in order to be able to rely on the inevitability of the accident in the event of an accident. And an ideal driver always adheres to the target speed. So search for the lawyer near me and have the smartest solutions.

There is a multitude of accident situations with different liability rates in everyday life. Traffic law specialists are also dependent on specialist literature and examples from case law, general statements can hardly be made. You should, therefore, consult a slip and fall lawyer specializing in traffic law, especially in more complex cases.

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